Spot It


The product includes: 56 double-sided cards, 1 instruction sheet in Vietnamese and English, and 1 cardboard box for the cards and instructions.

  • Card dimensions: Round cards with a diameter of 9cm
  • Material: laminated Ivory paper
  • Producer: NXB Dong Nai, Vietnam
Danh mục:

Mô tả

This game includes 56 cards, each card includes 10 of the 57 different images taken from the Bible (they are named and have their accompanying Bible reference). With such simple rules, of finding which images are the some among the different cards, the game has evolved into 5 different ways to play. While playing, players will need to combine many different actions at the same time (using their eyes to observe, using their hands to switch the cards around , using their mouths to talk, etc.), so this game will definitely create an exciting, thrilling, and fun atmosphere for your family or small group. Moreover, you can use each of the images from the cards, to tell a related Bible story. That’s another creative and effective way to study the Bible.