Flashcards: 100 Characters In The Bible


The 100 Characters flashcards are a product put together by the SU Team. Each card includes:

  • The name of the character
  • 3 notable things (that players can act out) about that character
  • A special summary about that character

This is a good set of flashcards for group activities of 2 or more people, or they can be used in big meetings to quiz each other in the Bible. The 100 Characters flashcards can also be used as a study tool to help people learn the main about the characters in the Bible, and related information as well.

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How to play:

  • Every player takes turns being the one to describe the character for the others to guess the name of the character. That player can pick any card as long as they don’t let the others know what character it is.
  • Choose 1 out of the three suggested details on the card and act it out through actions or props (you can’t use words). If the other players can guess the name of the character then you can use the other two details.
    Note: If the player describing the card knows other qualities or details that are easier to act out, they can use those instead. You don’t have to follow the suggestions on the cards as long as the other players can guess the character.
  • Whoever gives the correct answer first gets to keep that character’s card. At the end of the game, whoever has the most cards wins.

(The version of the Bible used in the English Flashcards set is the 2016 English Standard Version)