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This is a basic, structured Bible study program that encourages interaction with the lessons. It is organized online.

The age-range of those who can sign up to study is 8-15 years old. The class is available for study in Vietnamese or English depending on the student’s skill.

Each class has 1 teacher with no more than 10 children.

Giáo trình/Tài liệu:

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This is a paid class, because all the students will all receive a set of materials for the program and the Ministry needs to pay the fee for the Zoom/Google Meet room, as well as to help supplement a small amount of income for instructors.

Students have to finish course 1 before they can sign up for course 2.

Those students who have studied a portion of course 1 but had to stop can sign up again for that course at any time. The SU Team will consider which class and age is the best to admit them into. Parents are required to attend a meeting at the beginning and end of the course so that teachers and the SU team can support the progress of your child’s growth as they study God’s Word.

If you want to learn more or sign your children up to attend the course, parents can contact SU Vietnam through: