A Few Details On The Student Kit For The Online Bible Course Program

Even though the internet has been around for a while and people have been holding online courses for years, when Covid arrived, the way that we approach and acknowledge online study changed. In terms of their children’s time spent studying God’s Word – the Bible – studying online gave parents the opportunity to observe them studying God’s Word and made it easier for them to join in and support them, while at the same time lessening the burden of needing to bring them back and forth to different classes.

Even though this is a new way of doing things and we’ve just set out on this journey, The SU Team assures the effectiveness of this course based on the following factors:

  1. Student book: With the 100 Characters in the Bible course, each student will receive the student book which contains: sections for Bible Research, Self-study, Study Together, Learning is Doing, and Learn a Little More. Each character in the lessons includes all these sections.

2. 100 Characters in the Bible Flash Cards: Beautifully and neatly designed with all the necessary. They were designed to be used both for personal study or as a game to help our children be familiar with the characters they are going to be learning.

3. Zoom Meeting Room ID: This ID is specific to the Bible instructor and the class for 6-8 students.

The contents of each class: This includes worship, sharing and praying for each other, sharing their Self-Study section with each other, learning about the character (through games, Bible quizzes, etc.). Importantly, there will also be a video summarizing the character and time for prayer after each lesson.

Character summary video: Each class will have a different level of depth or ability to study that lesson’s character, but this video will help communicate the essential information about that character.

Each course was designed to be completed in a year. Students who are not finished with a course but have to switch classes or stop partway can later join in with another class that is studying that same character they were on. The classes are split in a way to try to minimize age differences between the students. This ensures that the students in a class will be on the same level of development and language.

If you want to learn more or sign your children up to attend the course, parents can contact SU Vietnam through:

+ Director of Academics: Ms. Kieu Duyen (Phone number: 0974 361 220)
+ Program Coordinator: Ms. Hoai Thu (Phone number: 0869 075 722)
+ Email: vietnamsuewa@gmail.com