One of the important things about the online Bible materials is the “SELF-STUDY” section with 5 observation and reflection questions for the students to answer. From there, the compilation team wishes that the materials will help young children develop their self-study and self discovery skills, as well as their ability to proactively apply God’s Word to their daily lives.

Here are 8 steps to help your young children learn how to study the Bible by themselves more effectively.

  1. Choose a quiet place to sit and focus.
  2. Choose a specific time every day, week to carefully research the Bible.
  3. Prepare your pens, pencils, notebooks, and other things you need to make notes.
  4. Pray before you start.
  5. Read the Bible passage out loud one time.
  6. Read the Bible quietly to yourself a second time, and pay attention to characteristics like: what words or phrases in the Bible stand out to you, what things in the passage are difficult to understand, which words are repeated in the passage, what connecting words does the passage use, what transition words are there, which words are being used to compare and contrast, what characteristics of God are portrayed in the passage, which images in the passage make you think of Jesus, etc.
  7. Answer the questions in the Self-Study section.
  8. Reflect on what you’ve learned that day.

Scripture Union Vietnam believes that when our children study the things that God demonstrates through Bible passages on their own, they will be encouraged to step into a personal relationship with the Almighty God. This is our true desire!