As a Christian ministry with a vision of equipping children, young adults, and families with God’s Word, SU Vietnam has arrived at the Online Bible Course for children 8-15 years old available in both Vietnamese and English. It is a 3 year course with 3 main courses:

Course #1: 100 Characters in the Bible
Course #2: 66 Books in the Bible
Course #3: Jesus in the Bible


The curriculum is organized so that there are 2 classes every week through Zoom. Each class has 1 Bible instructor (the teacher) and no more than 10 students.

SU’s wish for this program is:

  1. Help our children grow in knowledge and experience about God’s Word.
  2. Create an environment for them to be discipled and given a foundation to continue to grow as they study the Bible by both their instructors and their fellow classmates as well.
  3. To discover the spiritual gifts God has given us together so that we can pray and reinforce the calling or ministry that God wants them to take part in in the future.

It’s amazing to think about a Generation that loves God’s Word and loves God being raised up for Him!

If you want to learn more or sign your children up to attend the course, parents can contact SU Vietnam through: